Tube Framing Clamp Systems

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Fast and easy to install, the Framing Clamp Systems are perfect for framing roof openings or providing additional support for loads above or below the roof line. Without welding, the Framing Clamp Systems are installed directly beneath corrugated roof decking and transfer the load to joists. A typical installation includes four End Clamps and four T-Brackets attached to parallel bar joists or beams and secured with Grade 5 carriage bolts. These systems are ideal for the safe and economical installation of exhaust fans, vents, sky lights and roof mounted equipment.

3 Inch

3 Inch Tube Framing Clamp System
  • Ideal for light duty roof penetrations
  • Installed at the top of roof deck flutes
  • 1,000 lb distributed load capacity
  • Tested and rated for uplift conditions

Joist Grip

Joist Grip Tube Framing Clamp System
  • Tested and rated for uplift conditions
  • Backed by the Florida Product Approval
  • 4,000 lb distributed load capacity
  • Installed in less than 90 minutes
  • Jaw clamp rated for uplift with heel clip and set screw