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We will definitely be using this system again. Installation under an existing roof deck was easy and fast. Our iron workers loved it.

Paul Giese

Fowler & Hammer

That’s reasonably priced for what it does. It saves you an unbelievable amount in man power.

Tony Souza

Westmont Engineering Co.

Received the shipment late Monday started installing first thing Tuesday morning and was complete by 9:00 coffee break. Amazing product, especially in the health care field where welding is not an option. Will definitely use this again if the circumstances arise. Thank you again for your prompt service and shipping. Everything worked out great.

Matt Giosa

Canuso Jorden General Contractors & Construction Mangers

This product has substantially cut down the installation, layout and ordering time usually required to provide structural support for the mechanical systems we install. It is easily saving us 50% or more over previous costs.

Russell Geiger


Have you ever thought you had to avoid installing an RTU for structural reasons? Don't ever let that deter you. Atomatic Mechanical Services very much enjoys working with Kevin Barry using the Chicago Clamp System that we can install ourselves

Claireese Krueger

Atomatic Mechanical Services

We love these things.

Lee Bristow

A&S Steel

Thanks for getting the material to me as fast as you did. That stuff works great!!!

Jesse Rippe

Arctic Engineering Co Inc.

Installation was a breeze and rooftop is in place. My people really liked the quality of your product and made sure to let me know that they prefer this method of support in lieu of all that goes into welding, fire watch, tarp protection and such.

Brian Crispin

All Seasons Mechanical

The Chicago Clamp system is a great system. My men were really impressed with how easy and quick of a task it was to complete. Everyone from owner, MEP contractor, architects, project managers, were really impressed. It was a home run for my project.

Jim Dewitt

Mascaro Construction Co

We had great feedback from the field. Thanks for your help with this job. We look forward to working with you again.

Pat Heywood

GT Mechanical Projects & Design, Inc.

Each set-up was easy to install and went up quicker than I expected. The fact that we did not have to weld your system in place was a main factor in our decision. It allowed for our operations to continue during construction with very limited interruption.

William Saba

Aramark Uniform Services

We had no problems and we will recommend your system when we can.

Stan Haberski

Bonazzoli Corp.

With the Chicago Clamp System, we save money, period. There’s no need for time consuming welds on steel framing, the clamp system is affordable, and installs quickly (and easily).

Bill Burns

S.P. McCarl & Company

it really saves time without a hot work permit... You’ve got a wonderful product

Curt Sehrbrock

J.M. Brennan Inc.

Everything went extremely well with the installation of the Chicago Clamp System for the 15 ton RTU. Thank you for your help and we look forward to using your system on future projects.

Joseph Smedley

Moyer Indoor Outdoor

Great product. Much better alternative to installing and welding steel angles to support RTU units. The product only took our superintendent a little over an hour to install. All around great product, and if your local inspector will allow this alternative method of RTU support, you would be crazy not to use this product.

Anthony M Laudonio

Lakeview Construction, Inc.

High quality, well engineered, easy install, & great instructions.

Todd Antczak

Milwaukee Area Technology

Thank you, exactly what we needed, have no doubt as applications arise you will hear from us. Your system is so much easier than welding steel framework, there is no comparison. Most of our work is service related, in operating buildings, we can come in on a weekend, install your system and have the new a/c running by Monday with no “Hot work”, or disturbance of the office. This capability has landed us jobs!

Choya Dalton

Airite Air Conditioning, Inc.

Our field personnel stated that the frames we purchased from you went in pretty easily, and it took a lot less time than a typical frame. Your frame setup worked perfectly for our application.

Benji Presser

icon Mechanical

Everything worked out great. St. Louis County actually preferred your product since it had documentation to back it up. We will continue to use your product in the future.

Mike Brinkmann

Midwest Mechanical Solutions

We have all 8 bracing areas done, we used 3 different layouts & all 3 worked great. Engineering & Structural design signed off on the project & loved the system also the city commercial building inspector liked the system & would like to refer Chicago Clamp Co. as a bracing option. Thank you for all your help & knowledge, this project went very smooth with your help & product line.

John Perry

Morrison Brothers

We discovered Chicago Clamp after working on a job site that required additional structural steel support. Usually, this is not a well-liked part of our projects, yet, our field staff insisted we keep the contact information for the next time supports were needed on a job. It’s so rare they come into the office and really like something, yet the Chicago Clamp systems fit well, were easy to use and they made for a “good job.” Anything that make the guys happy makes me happy!

Rebekah Wright

Wright Heating

The guys in the field, they loved that system and it went very well. We would love to use that again some time.

Jill Richter

Total Mechanical